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Overview of the New Features in Windows 10

Windows 10 is fast and highly customized operating system with a totally new looks to the Windows operating system. We find the same ease of working on previous operating systems but an improved functionality and more exciting features. Let us discuss some of these features now:

Start menu

Unlike Windows 8 the full screen start menu is replaced by the start button again and is highly customized with tiles. It becomes very easy to access the apps and other features from this advanced start button.

You can easily download and use the apps which you require by clicking the small ‘Store’ button placed on the taskbar. This gives us an ability to install those apps which are required and get those apps which you may need in future.

Cortana is a new feature introduced in Windows 10 that acts like a personal assistant. It helps you to schedule tasks and you can interact with it to do your tasks. You can use the computer mic to give instructions to Cortana and it will take care of the rest. Cortana is not available in all the countries; it is only available to selected region.
Microsoft Edge

A highly innovative browser which can help you in taking notes and directly highlight webpages. The browser interface is clean and can be integrated with Cortana. You can mark annotations on the browser window to highlight the important points. A tablet pen, finger or mouse can be used for annotations.
Sign in required

Windows 10 needs you to sign in with your Microsoft account to utilize all the features. This eliminates the need of creating a user account in the operating system. Windows 10 uses more secure method of authentication which recognizes you by your face or finger print instead of your password. You can enable this feature by navigating to ‘Settings’ – ‘Accounts’ – Sign in options.
One drive

The most important feature of Windows 10 is One Drive. It ensures that all your important photos, videos and documents are backed up automatically in one storage cloud. One drive is the free cloud storage offered by windows 10.
Windows insider program

Windows insider program allows you to share your windows experience with Microsoft’s IT pros and developers. It helps the Microsoft developer team to design the operating system that best suits the end user’s requirement.
Windows snap ins

Windows 10 has the capability to open four snap ins at a single instance. You can open four windows simultaneously separated on a single window. This enhances multitasking.
Virtual Desktop Options

Windows 10 allows you to design multiple virtual desktops according to your business needs. You can design a desktop for home and office and use them when required.
Control panel

The Control panel view is completely changed with more options and radio buttons to enable or disable the settings. It still shows the category view, small icons and large icons in a completely new avatar. The personalization option helps you to personalize your windows desktop and other settings.
Supports Virtualization

Apart from all other features the virtualization feature gives more power to windows 10 desktop. The client Hyper-V feature with Guest Integration Services (GIS) helps IT Pro’s to build a strong and solid virtual environment.
All the above features contribute in giving a new look to Windows 10 but there are 4 more reasons for you to have windows 10 on your computer. They are listed below:
Free upgrades

If you have a genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed than you can upgrade to windows 10 free of cost.
Free driver support

Most of the hardware and peripherals are supported by windows 10 and have inbuilt set of drivers installed.
Xbox integration

Windows 10 is integrated with Xbox and so you can play your games from Xbox on your windows 10 computer or transfer them. Microsoft has also released Xbox app in Windows 10.

Support & Training

There are many online resources available to help you to get the best out of the new features in Windows 10. There are also organisations who deliver training both to Companies and 1-1, which can make the learning process far quicker. Training providers such as Paul Brown Training and QA deliver Microsoft courses both onsite and at public venues across the UK, visit their website for more information.