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Exploring Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana in Windows 10 is the best tool that can ever imagine. It is like your personal assistant helping you to prioritize our tasks. It will help you search things on your PC, manage your calendar, find files, search for apps, talk to you. With Cortana your windows 10 experience is more personalized. Just enable the microphone by selecting the microphone icon and talk to cortana. You can use a mic to search for things instead of typing. These are some commands that you can use while talking to Cortana:
1. Show me the latest cricket scores.
2. Put jogging on my calendar for tomorrow.
3. What’s new this weekend?
4. Change my 10 am appointment to 12 pm.
Configuring Cortana: To enable Cortana we need to do the below settings:
1. Select the ‘Search box’ on the task bar and open Cortana. Select ‘Notebook settings’ and turn ON ‘Let Cortana respond when you say ‘Hey Cortana’.
2. In the ‘Respond best’ option, select ‘To me’ radio button if you want Cortana to respond only to you. If you want Cortana to be able to respond to anyone, select ‘To anyone’ radio button.
3. You can also use Cortana to track flight information, etc. by turning ON ‘Find flights and more’ option.
Cortana’s Notebook:
You can add your subjects, interesting topics and articles, favorite places and other stuff you want to remain updated with. Add more information about yourself in Cortana notebook to get more personalized help from Cortana. Some of the categories that you can add in the notebook are:
1. Weather: You can remain updated on the weather where are you now or some remote place.
2. News: Get the latest news on any topic you choose from sports, entertainment, etc.
3. Travel: Cortana can keep you updated with flight information via email and alert you about the traffic conditions and weather at your destination.
Setting up Cortana notebook:
1. Select the ‘Search box’ on the task bar and open Cortana. Select ‘Notebook settings’.
2. You will see an option that says, “Cortana can give you suggestions, ideas, reminders, alerts and more. Click on the ‘Turn On’ radio button next to it.
Cortana on Windows 10 phone:
You install and user Cortana on your windows 10 phone as well. Cortana will help you sync your settings from your Pc to your phone. To access Cortana on Windows 10 phone follow the below steps:
1. In the ‘App list’, tap ‘Settings’, swipe over to ‘Applications’, then tap ‘Cortana’.
Clearing your data in Cortana:
To clear the data from Cortana go to:
1. Cortana’s ‘Settings’ and select ‘Turn Cortana Off’.
2. Restart your phone to apply the settings.
3. Once the phone restarts, come back to Cortana’s settings and tap ‘Delete phone data’.
Managing Cortana data in cloud:
1. Go to Cortana ‘Settings’ and ‘Turn Cortana off’. Restart the phone once and come back to Cortana’s settings.
2. Tap ‘Manage Cloud Data’ to manage the cloud settings from the dashboard.
Change the way Cortana pronounce your name:
To change the way Cortana pronounces your name follow the below steps:
1. From the ‘Search box’ open ‘Cortana’s Notebook’.
2. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Have Cortana call me by name’.
3. Tap ‘Set my name’ to tell her your name.
4. You can check how she will pronounce it and can correct her if required.
Use Cortana to sign in and sign out of the Face book:
To use this feature you will have to allow Microsoft to access certain information from your face book account. Cortana will integrate with Bing to give you more personalized and tailored experience using your face book account.